CAMMSE INES PhD student Shaojie Liu won the Third Place Award

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CAMMSE INES PhD student Shaojie Liu won the Third Place Award in the 2021 Graduate Research Symposium hosted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNC Charlotte on April 9, 2021. Detailed information is provided as follows:

Title: The Impact of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles on the Performance of Superstreet
Presenter: Shaojie Liu
Committee Chair: Dr. Wei Fan
Synopsis: This presentation introduces the research work investigating connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in the environment of superstreet. A mixed traffic environment where both human-driven traffic and CAV traffic were considered and modeled by different car following models. CAVs was assumed to connected to signal status and adjust speeds accordingly. A real-world superstreet was selected for a case study and the car following model for human driven traffic was calibrated with genetic algorithm. The simulation results demonstrated the superiority of CAV in the environment of superstreet and average speed were improved by about 10 percentage in peak hour. Different improvements were observed for main street and cross street, which may be explained by different traffic volume patterns present on the major street and cross street.